Enjoy cycling in Braintree with Braintree Easy Riders. They cycle every Wednesday, 10am from Cycles UK in the High Street, as well as lots of impromptu cycle rides that members of the group organise amongst themselves.

With Cycles UK you are guaranteed great journeys of discovery led by a large number of experienced guides who, between them, know every cycle path, cut-through and country lane and even bridleway.

Where & When?

There are regularly 20 – 30 people out. You are in for a treat and will find wonderful new friends, whilst getting fitter and more confident, too.

What do I Need?

In addition, we have Mick and his fabulous team, who are ready to help people learn to cycle or just become more confident cycling.


Although the Braintree rides are not organised by Happy Handlebars, if you contact us (cycling@happyhandlebars.org.uk) we’d be delighted to help you. Alternatively, you can contact Mick and his team at Braintree Easy Riders through their website.